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Citizen Advocacy

   I have a long history of advocating for Mercer Island citizens, from protecting our parks from being developed - Kite Hill, Mercerdale and now Aubrey Davis - to working hard preserving our neighborhoods by being  involved in the Residential Code rewrite - and currently addressing real safety concerns from the proposed bus intercept. I have rallied people around the Sound Transit loss of our SOV, the Recology garbage contract and fixing our aging infrastructure. I believe wholeheartedly that our Island is comprised of highly educated, competent and involved residents who are very capable of determining the future direction of Mercer Island without being overtaxed or bulldozed by regional pressures. 

Please vote Daniel Thompson for Mercer Island City Council position #1 on November 5th, 2019.

Preserving Our Neighborhoods



I have always been a strong proponent of maintaining neighborhood character, and thus became involved with the return of the McMansion, which is a house that is out-of-scale for the size of the lot.

I spent the next four years working with other citizens to discover the code interpretations that had allowed the out-of-scale development, and pursuing a new residential development code to protect the character and consistency of our residential neighborhoods that was eventually adopted.

 During the same four years I worked to finally get a tree ordinance that would prohibit removing every tree on a lot during development, and that would require meaningful tree replacement when a significant tree had to be removed.  

Protecting Our Parks



I have a long history with Mercer Island Parks. While in high school in the mid-1970s I worked summers at Luther Burbank through the King County Parks Department.

Mercer Island has 475 acres of parks. Recently our council has rezoned a linear park next to Freshy’s, and part of the sculpture garden next to Tully’s that will convert that park land to 5-story mixed-use development. I believe rezoning and developing or selling our parks because the city faces a financial challenge is a terribly unwise policy. 

I believe the citizens cherish their parks, and will not only renew but increase the parks levy, but only if the parks are permanently protected. As a result, one of the first steps I will take on the council is to permanently protect all Mercer Island parks.

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